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Basic CourseFREE

Basic Course

The free resources presented here are designed for one who is entirely unfamil­iar with the world of financial trading yet is nevertheless curious to dive into this lucrative venture.

Apprentice Course$100

Apprentice Course

This course is a must for anyone who is rudimentarily familiar with financial mar­kets, yet still only starting their journey into the world of financial trading.

Traders Course $200

Traders Course

Our “Traders Course” is designed to sup­port individuals who trade around their primary profession yet lack consistency and profitability.

Managers Course$300

Managers Course

The Managers course is geared towards those who already have a strong sense of the forex world and trading.

Masters Course$500

Masters Course

This course is a bespoke offering that is tailored to each individual trader, as one gets to choose exactly what they wish to learn from the complete catalog of our resources.

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If you always wanted to learn how to trade in financial markets but have no idea where to begin or simply want to improve your preexisting skills, then our offerings are right for you.

Trader Educate provides easy-to-use online courses, systems, tools, and personal mentoring to help anyone learn how to navigate the world of financial markets.




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